Over the past decade, Mr. Boyd has worked with over eighteen hundred students, from third grade children through undergrad young adults. His relatable personality and active listening garners their trust. His perceptiveness and thought provoking questions reel them in. His understanding and insight guides them on a journey of self discovery and fulfillment. He nurtures the innate desire all adolescents have to reach their potential, which drives results. He has helped students experience academic and social success, inspired hundreds of students to pursue higher education, and thousands to become better human beings. Results have been experienced in NYC Department of Education schools,  private/charter schools, colleges, and non-profit organizations.

What students are saying...

“When looking forward to advisory, you should be prepared. You will learn about struggles + to overcome things. You will notice how your behavior changes. When I first had advisory, I wished my attitude was different. Well it has changed over time! Have fun next year! Love, Treasure H.” – Treasure, 8th Grade Student

“Advisory is what I’d call a life saver. Especially advisory with Mr. Boyd. I have learned numerous things that changed my outlook on life. I wish my attitude was better but then I am happy it wasn’t because I wouldn’t have experienced this. Good luck! Love, Brandi N.” –Brandi, 8th Grade Student

“Being a part of an advisory group helped me accept responsibility. I was held accountable by my group and it has prepared me to be a man in the real world.” – Paul, High School Senior

Because there is no one size fits all solution, Mr. Boyd designs customized advisory programs to meet the specific needs of elementary, middle, and high school students. Using a holistic approach, Mr. Boyd addresses the psychosocial, academic, and emotional needs of adolescents. 

Past students have made measurable progress as a result of participating in Mr. Boyd's advisory programs:

  • 45% of students grades increase by 2-5 points

  • 30% of students grades increase by 6-8 points

  • 25% of students grades increase by 9+ points

  • 80% of students show improved attitude and behavior towards school, learning, and authority.

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