One on One and group coaching is one of the most powerful tools available to help you and your team get from where you are to where you want to be. With over 20 years of experience in human resources, youth development, and education consulting, Mr. Boyd has the experience and the skills needed to help you and your team grow and succeed.

What's Included in Coaching

  • One on one in person coaching

  • Professional supervision and strengths assessment

  • Access to Mr. Boyd by email

  • Vision planning and goal setting for professional achievement

  • Video conferencing as an alternative to in person coaching

What leaders are saying…

“Mr. Boyd helped me get organized in the midst of chaos and use my technology to stay on point.  I really appreciate his emphasis on self-care it’s not only about the job.”  -Mr. Mack, Assistant Principal

“I saw almost immediate improvement with the Assistant Principals Mr. Boyd worked with.  He conducted phenomenal professional development workshops for my team and I.  He was a pleasure and we loved having him.” -Dr. Rand, Principal

The Professional Development with the Masks deeply impacted me and was life changing.  That night when I arrived home I shared it with my family and it helped us work through things we had never talked about.”  -Ms. Belinsky, Assistant Principal

“For nearly 10 years he as been so much more than a leadership coach and a mentor.  He has been a source of wisdom, confidant, and his objective feedback has helped me grow.  Doing this work, I am glad that I have had him on my team.” -Ms.Douglas, Deputy Superintendent

“He was patient as he helped me find my voice.  He encouraged me to be comfortable doing things that made me uncomfortable.  I am stronger advocating for myself, my staff, and confident to stand for what I believe in.” -Ms. Richmond, Assistant Principal


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