Mr. Boyd provides support and conducts workshops for parents and families during their child’s transitional adolescent years of the children. He helps parents and families understand, renegotiate, and redefine boundaries in the ever-changing relationships with their children. One hundred percent of parent participants have benefited, in some way, from Mr. Boyd’s counsel, advice and support.

 “Having the support of Mr. Boyd has helped me understand my son and made a difference in both of our lives.” – Ms. Samuels, Parent

“Mr. Boyd was very instrumental in helping my son and I redefine our boundaries and understand one another. Our communication has been much better.” – Mrs. Monroe, Parent

“With the support and guidance of Mr. Boyd, I learned to give my son room to grow, pick my battles, and to hold him accountable.” – Ms. Gooden, Parent

“Mr. Boyd patiently let me complain about my son. After he spoke, I saw my son differently and was inspired to grow as a parent.” – T. Jones, Parent

Getting the coaching and support you need to guide your adolescent son and develop a better mother-son relationship is just a click away.

A list of upcoming Mothers with Sons Workshops can be found here. Make sure to invite a friend.

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