Thanks for visiting. I’m Dennis W. Boyd Jr., affectionately called Mr. Boyd by most. I’ve had the joy of being an Educational, Leadership, and HR Consultant with numerous NYC Department of Education schools, Charter schools, sports teams, churches, and youth organizations. 

Initially recognized for my expertise with young men, I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 1800 students and contributing to over two dozen teams over the past decade.

In 2007, I combined my decade of experience in youth development and married it with my formal training in Business Admin and Human Resources to work with clients in various roles. Mentor to young men, college advisor to high school students, and administrative coach to school leaders are a just a few of the ways I've supported students and faculty members.  

In May of 2014, I began conducting seminars, Mothers With Sons, for mothers and professionals who work with adolescent young men. The positive feedback led to the design of several adolescent development focused professional development seminars and an eight week intensive course for mothers with adolescent sons.  Additionally, I’ve been a guest lecturer to future guidance counselors and educators at graduate schools. 

When I’m not researching or with a client, you may see me cycling through your neighborhood, shooting couples, families, and candids (with a camera of course), or walking through an airport as I’m departing or returning from exploring another city or culture.  

If you’re a chancellor, superintendent, or school leader who wants coaching for your leaders, adolescent centered seminars, or sustainable solutions for your district or school culture, I’d love to talk with you. Click here to send me a message

Talk to you soon,

Dennis W. Boyd Jr., MSW

Professional Bio

Dennis William Boyd Jr. has been working as a human resource professional for twenty years and began as a senior camp counselor. With a degree in Business Administration and Human Resource Management, he worked in the private sector in various HR leadership capacities before he entered into his destiny. His life led him back to working with youth. He completed his Masters of Social Work degree with a focus in Policy Practice at Columbia University. As a consultant, he currently works with the New York City Department of Education public schools, Charter Schools, churches, and youth-focused not-for-profit organizations.

Mr. Boyd designs and implements youth programs that provide leadership, character and personal development to youth and students from the third grade through college. Additionally, he works with administrators and school leaders to enhance school culture through coaching, development plans, and capacity building. He has coached and assisted several aspiring leaders to become school administrators. Affectionately called “Mr. Boyd or Coach Boyd”, he believes “every child has potential, we, the adults, have to work to find the key that unlocks that potential.”

In April of 2011, Chris Burge Ministries, Inc (CBMI), founder, Chris Burge, re-located to Atlanta to expand his ministry and designated Mr. Boyd as the leader of the NYC branch. As leader, Mr. Boyd provides spiritual leadership, leads workshops, conducts weekly meetings, hosts conferences and provides mentorship and one-to-one counsel to a diverse network of adults. Mr. Boyd continues the ministry’s mission of equipping people to reach their divine potential through the practical application of biblical principles for personal development.

In recent years, Mr. Boyd rekindled his love of photography and  videography. Photography has always been something he enjoyed and says, “it allows me to capture and share what I see through my third eye (lens). As it is with life, you find what you are looking for.”  He enjoys taking candid shots of families and couples and nature photos. Mr. Boyd began courting golf in 2010 and the following year played his first round at Canongate 1 in Georgia.  In 2016 he shot his lowest round of 86. Being out on the greens is not only enjoyable with its serene surroundings, but therapeutic as well since the game requires him to be focused, consistent and adaptable.  Mr. Boyd has many interests that also include archery, biking, music and reading.