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Pathfinders: Building Young Men From the Ground Up is a book that teaches character development to young me. Readers learn five qualities that contribute to good decision making, leadership, and moral living. 

EXCERPT | Integrity in Action
Prior to the start of our Pathfinder meeting, Elijah was hanging out in the auditorium, as he always does. He was moving in and out of the rows having fun. At one point, he looked down and saw a nice cellphone. Without hesitation, he picked it up and said, “I found a cellphone, Mr. Boyd.” “What are you going to do with it?” I asked. “I’m going to turn it in to the office, and I’m going to leave it on in case the owner calls looking for it.” I asked Elijah what prompted him to turn in the cell phone to the office. Here’s what he said, “I lost my cell phone once and I wished someone had returned it to me.”

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